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Wenqing Qi, 57Lakeland, TN

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Lakeland, TN   

Memphis, TN   

Tucson, AZ   

Pima, AZ   

8449 E Bowline Rd, Tucson, AZ 85710   


Degree: Graduate or professional degree

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Inhibitors Of Nucleophosmin (Npm) And Methods For Inducing Apoptosis

US Patent:
8063089, Nov 22, 2011
Feb 28, 2008
Appl. No.:
Daruka Mahadevan - Tucson AZ, US
Wenqing Qi - Tucson AZ, US
Bogdan Olenyuk - Tucson AZ, US
Arizona Board of Regents on Behalf of the University of Arizona - Phoenix AZ
International Classification:
A01N 43/52
A61K 31/415
C07D 235/00
US Classification:
514394, 5483044
Nucleophosmin inhibitors are disclosed which inhibit the multimerization of nucleophosmin and the biological activity of nucleophosmin, such as the ability of nucleophosmin to inhibit apoptosis and inhibit cellular differentiation. These small molecule inhibitors are useful for treating diseases and disorders, such as cancer associated with dysregulated nucleophosmin expression. Methods for identifying small molecule inhibitors of nucleophosmin involving multimerization sites for nucleophosmin are also disclosed. An exemplary small molecule inhibitor of nucleophosmin is NSC348884 which has the following chemical structure:.

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